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Great Organization with exceptional training at a low cost! 

Chris Heberlein James

Two very great and friendly instructors. And very knowledgeable on the material they teach. 


Today marks my 6 month anniversary of the day I suffered a massive heart attack and you saved my life. I can never express enough gratitude for all the wonderful things I could have missed had you not been there that morning so quickly. I am forever thankful for the people you are and the hard work you do. From my heart, THANK YOU!!!! You are my Heroes!!! Have a Beautiful Day!

Samantha Gregory 

Taking Rick and Lorri's class was the best class that I have ever had for CPR/ First -Aid. They are incredible instructors because they live what they teach everyday. In all the years that I have been taking these classes, they are the first instructors that I truly feel are able to connect with their students, and provide them with the necessary unforgettable life-saving knowledge. I am looking forward to seeing them for every renewal. Thank you Rick and Lorri :-)! - Marie Poppa

Amazing program!!! We will definitely look to them when it comes time to renew our certification. They came to us, and worked around our schedule. I can not say enough good things about them - Heather Jones

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