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What is CPR?

It is the artificial method of circulating blood and oxygen through a body and attempting to keep the brain alive. CPR does work! When initiated within four minutes, the survival rate is 43 percent. When initiated within four to eight minutes, the survival rate is ten percent.

Why Learn CPR?

One in seven people will have the opportunity to use CPR in their lifetime.
More than 650,000 people die from heart attacks in the United States annually.
More than 350,000 die before reaching the hospital.
When the brain starts to go four to six minutes without oxygen, brain damage/death begins.
On the average, it takes the Shady Cove Fire Department about four minutes to respond to the scene of an incident.
When CPR is needed, the Shady Cove Fire Department is the first to initiate it 85 percent of the time.
In the United States, there are 500,000 strokes a year.
In the United States, there are 6,000 drowning incidents a year and 3,100 incidents of airway obstructions a year.
Do you care for small children (parents, grandparents, baby-sitters)?  Choking and suffocation are the most common causes of preventable death in children under 1 year of age and the fourth most common cause of death in children under 14 years of age.

Do you work in a medical or dental office?

Staff should be trained in life-saving procedures.

Do you have elderly parents or grandparents who are at a greater risk for heart disease, heart attacks or strokes?  About two-thirds of deaths from a Heart Attack occur before the victim reaches the hospital.

Now after reading all these statistics, what are you waiting for--call us for a class!